winter in tokyo synopsis

Ishida Keiko is a sweet girl mulatto Japan-Indonesia, and his daily work is as an employee of a public library in Shinjuku.

Keiko lived in a modest apartment in two levels located in the suburbs of Tokyo and each floor has two apartments facing each other. Keiko own occupy apartments with the number 202 on the second floor. On the second floor there are no other inhabitants in addition to Keiko, it’s been five years the inhabitants of the apartment across the apartment Keiko moved to the City of Paris. Until one day there is a new tenant that occupies the apartment with the number 201, Download film winter in tokyo which is right opposite the apartment Keiko. He is a young man named Nishimura Kazuto. Kazuto is a man of Japanese descent who had long lived in New York, he is also a famous photographer in New York. The reason of his return to Japan to treat the pain of his heart because the woman he loved from a small prefer to marry with a good friend of Kazuto.

Amid the grief experienced by Kazuto, she knew Keiko and feel there is something interesting from Ishida Keiko. He was always photographing and focusing lens of the camera to the direction of Keiko quietly. And the longer Kazuto knew everything feels good when Keiko nearby. He fell in love with the figure of Keiko and able to forget her hurt. But anxiety infiltrate in the liver Kazuto, because Keiko always waiting for his first love named Kitano Akira. Kazuto always got jealous when Keiko always mention the name of Akira, without Kazuto know that Kitano Akira that meant Keiko is sabahatnya while going to school in Tokyo first. Will hurt Kazuto reoccur ….!!??

But the feeling of Keiko’s changed since the incident on Christmas eve, treat Kazuto makes no pang a pleasant feeling. winter in tokyo ┬ásub indo Until eventually Kazuto declares her love to Keiko, but Keiko not answer because he had to go home to Kyoto to gather together his family.

However the ill-fated events that happened, after the escort the departure of the girl he loved, Kazuto got the hell kicked out by an unidentified man. It make Kazuto have to lose some of his memory during in Tokyo. This makes Keiko very sad, and she began to feel how empty life Keiko without the presence of Kazuto. The thing more painful is when Imawoto Yuri – the girl who loved Kazuto comes back into the life of Kazuto. And now the eyes of Kazuto there is only Yuri a. But the feeling of Kazuto can’t lie, as lost ingatanya, he fell in love once again to Keiko. But the relationship Keiko and Kitano Akira getting closer. It makes Kazuto felt frustrated.

How the end of love Keiko and Kazuto..? Will they be happy with with the choice of partner they have chosen …??