Synopsys Tenggelamnya Kapal Van Der Wijck


Tenggelamnya Kapal Van Der Wijck

Since the age of 9 months, Zainuddin had been abandoned Daeng Habibah, mother. Then following his father named Swordsman Sutan. Zainuddin lives with his young men, Mak Base, Roughly 30 years ago, his father had a case with Datuk Mantari More mamaknya, a matter of inheritance. In a quarrel Datuk Mantari killed. Swordsman Sutan then discharged to Cilacap for 15 years. download film Tenggelamnya Kapal Van der Wijck After completion of his probation, he was sent to the city to quell the rebellion against the Dutch. That’s where the Swordsman Sutan met with Daeng Habibah.To search for the family of his father, Zainuddin go to the village Batipuh in the Desert. In the Desert he lived in the house his father’s brother, Made Ep.

As a young man who came from Makassar, he felt foreign in the Desert. Moreover, the response of his brothers so. Similarly, when he can get acquainted with the Biodiversity due to lend his umbrella to the girl. The relationship between Zainuddin and Hayati has unfolded to the rest of the hamlet and Zainuddin still be considered a stranger to the family living and the people in Batipuh.

To maintain the good name of both young people and their families respectively, Zainuddin told to leave Batipuh by mamak Biodiversity. With a heavy heart Zainuddin leave Batipuh towards Padang Panjang. In the middle of the road Hayati to meet him and said that his love only to Zainuddin.

Zainuddin received the news that the Biodiversity will go to Padang Panjang to see a horse race at the invitation of the companions of the Biological named Khadijah. Zainuddin can only be met view of in that place because with people he expelled from the fence stands. Meeting that twinkling that make Biodiversity gets a mockery of Khadijah. Khadijah own sebenamya mean to match Biological with Aziz, brother of Khadija herself. Because they feel enough has a wealth of heritage from his parents after Mak Base died,

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Zainuddin send a cover letter on Biodiversity. Turns out the letter Zainuddin simultaneously with the proposal, Aziz. After being asked to choose, Biodiversity decided to choose Aziz as her future husband. Zainuddin then sick for two months because of the Biological refuse. For help and advice Muluk, son of his landlady, Zainuddin can change his mind. With Grandiose, Zainuddin go to Jakarta.

Under the pseudonym “Z”, Zainuddin then managed to become the author of the exceedingly favored his readers. download Tenggelamnya Kapal Van der Wijck  la founded the association tonil “Andalas”, and his life has turned into an honorable person because of his job. Zainuddin continue its business in Surabaya with established publishing books.

Because employment Aziz moved to Surabaya, Biodiversity was to follow her husband. One time, Biodiversity gets an invitation from the association of play that is led and directed by Mr. Shabir or “Z”. Because solicitation Biodiversity Aziz is willing to watch the show. At the end of the new shows they know that Mr. Shabir or “Z” is Zainuddin.

Their relationship remains good, also the relationship Zainuddin Aziz. Further developments Aziz was fired from his place of work because of the debt piled up and have to leave the house rent because it is already three months did not pay, even goods were confiscated to pay off the debt. For Aziz in Surabaya, he has demonstrated its properties are not good. la is often a night out with a bitch, gambling, drunkenness, and no longer put love on Biodiversity. As a result, after they were married again. They are forced to ride in the house Zainuddin.

After a month of living in the same house, Aziz went to Banyuwangi, leaving his wife with Zainuddin. After the death of Aziz, Zainuddin himself was rarely home, except to sleep. A Grandiose tell on Biodiversity that Zainuddin still love him. In-room work Zainuddin there is a picture of Biodiversity as evidence that Zainuddin still love him.

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A few days later obtained news that Aziz has been divorced Biodiversity. Aziz requested that the Biodiversity of life along Zainuddin. And then came the news from a newspaper that Aziz had committed suicide taking sleeping pills in a hotel in Banyuwangi.

Biological ask for the willingness Zainuddin to accept it as anything, as long as he can together together with Zainuddin. The request was not well received by Zainuddin, he even was very angry and offended because his proposal first had denied the Biodiversity, and now the Biological want to be his wife. la can’t receive periakuan Biodiversity.

With the ship Van Der Wijck, Biodiversity home over the cost of Zainuddin. However Zainuddin then think again that he sebenamya can’t live a happy life without Biodiversity. Therefore, after the departure of Biodiversity he intends following the Biodiversity to be his wife. Zainuddin then following up the night train to Jakarta.

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Hope Zainuddin afterward was achieved. Kapal Van Der Wijck boarded Biodiversity drowned in the waters near Tuban. Biodiversity cannot be saved. Because of the wounds on the head and on his feet eventually he died. His body was buried in Surabaya.

After the death of Biodiversity, the life of Zainuddin become desolate and his health is not maintained. Lastly, the author of the famous dies. He was buried on the side of the tomb of Biodiversity.