Synopsis Gangster 2015

One day in a village on the Slopes of Mount Merapi, Jamroni (Hamish Daud) tertengun when he was dragged with accusations of theft of cattle to the owner of the cow (Dede Yusuf). Download film gangster indonesia The skipper wear sunglasses with baju lurik-lurik wear a hat, chided him. However he did not hand it over to the police and wanted to teach him a lesson. His hat was placed in a cage and then Jamroni so monthly-monthly the skipper.

Dede Yusuf look impressive as a skipper bruiser in the age above 40 years is able to demonstrate the back kick that sniper: typical taekwondoin. This scene closed with a comical once when the child is the fruit of the skipper report: burglar is actually captured. Then what does the word squire? Lightly she said: “I will not apologize. Just think of what we do as a sport”.

I love seeing the facial expressions of the former Deputy Governor of West Java no sense sorry, impress the arrogant. Facial peeve. But because it can make the upset and feels comical,makes a cameo appearance Dede Yusuf impressive. While Hamish David also kindergarten helpless, can only resigned as a little person. Appearance attractive Dede Yusuf one of the early scenes in Gangster is one among some of my favorite scenes in the film direction Fajar Nugros.

The story is actually a lot of bolongnya, but the excess of this film lies in the pieces of a scene of unusual and “Indonesia banget” even though some of them full of allusions on the social reality now. Story rolling Jamroni that his childhood suffering,often punished his father because it has shameful behavior, have investigators named Cider and then the Cider goes to Jakarta with his family, suddenly called his father who is dying. The father said: she is not his biological parents. Then apart like it was nothing The Father handed over the letters of the Cider to hide. Jamroni have to go to Jakarta looking for her birth parents and Sari.

In her quest Jamroni dealing with a bunch download film gangster full movie of thugs from a mass organization called “levels are really the” Front of the Defenders of Justice Together. Jamroni who since childhood learned martial arts fisticuffs with thugs in uniform. In the after-menegjar he was hanging on the hood of the car retta (Nina Kozok). The problem Retta chased the child the fruit of her father. Retta ran away from an arranged marriage her father Hastomo (Agus Kuncoro), the head of the mafia ties that have business agreements with the Amsar (Dwi Sasono) the head of the organizations most influential in Jakarta. Begin the adventure Jamroni and Nina confront the magnate’s father, a magnate of the Amsar, even a cold-blooded killer Sueb (Ganindra Bimo).

All of his opponents down. Nina then brings Jamroni to her family and met her mother Astuti (Dominique Sanda) who is sickly and say Jamroni as his girlfriend. Hastomo softened, receive Jamroni. The problem Amsar is not received and deployed his men stormed. This time he brought jago another, Bang Tall (Yayan Ruhian). In addition to have to duel with a Bang Tall, Jamroni get a surprise the other is not they won’t. Indeed the story is indeed a lot of bolongnya. Such scuffles are so fierce didn’t invite any police obviously flagrant and disturbing the public. Even so the figure Hastomo bandits social help the little people in East Java, which give it a banana and chicken as a sign of thank you very interesting and real Indonesia. Of course also the figure of the organizations leadership Amsar. Figure Amsar who are afraid of blood are also interesting and comical.

When he was about to punish his subordinates with sadistic finally done by Hanna (Kelly Tandiono), his right hand. The scene in the Gangster (photo credit favorite Scenes is when Hanna was about to go to his ex-girlfriend in a barn, he came face to face with her boyfriend Bang Tall. The appearance of Dian Sastrowardoyo as the cameo is as interesting as Dede Yusuf. Before the fistfight, he was off his shoes and put it on the table : expensive know! Then Hanna doing the same thing. The Absurd once. Bang Tall disperse their fights and both dipiting his neck. “There is a job for a Brother,” said Hanna. “I can buy shoes?” said Bang Tall. Then his girlfriend softened: you didn’t mention that earlier!” Tuck the humor and comical makes the Gangsters be not sebrutal “The Raid”. Cameo the other that appears at the end of the story portrayed interesting Lukman Sardi is the scene of the ultimate interesting.

Overall though the logic of the story is often not intact, the figures appear indeed Indonesia all: teacher of the koran, businessmen local the must be tempered thugs in order to be successful, members of the organizations that the brutal, to the leadership of the Mafia in Jakarta are wearing a suit with the emblem of Garuda (indicating he officials).