Review Shy Shy Cat Movie

If you come from a small town, or even the corners of the village, the taste-it never is in phase terrorized two things. First, the difficulties encountered the work according to interest and talent with adequate salary so that the shadow about to leave the hometown and then to try find the fortune of living in the metropolitan continuous poking. And second, hunted into marriage with the ‘threat’ will be matched if not find a potential life companion kala walked a certain age. Through the collaboration of all three with Adhitya Mulya after Test Pack: You Are My Baby, and Saturday With Mr, Monty Tiwa try to summarize (plus laughing) anxiety-anxiety is to form a spectacle of comedy, romance full of social criticism which enlivened the ranks of the stars of the famous video Shy Shy Cat. In relation as sentilan sentilun, the film does tend to stammer to meet all its potential. But in tatarannya as a dish that is reserved for seekers of drug release and relaxation, Shy Shy Cat counted is one of the most successful this year.

The conflict in the Shy Shy Cat originated from a phone call received Mira (Nirina Zubir) when he was celebrating the day of the so to-30. His parents bill promises that he swore a few years ago about returning home at the age of 30 if a mate is not docked to the Mira. Know will be paired with Otoy (Fedi Nuril), a childhood friend who as far as memory Mira can drift is the figure of the annoying, he was designing a scenario of discomfiture effort taaruf with her two best friends, Jessy (Acha Septriasa) and Umi (Tika Bravani). download film shy shy cat Carry prejudices bad over the his hometown, how surprised Mira when to find the Village Sindang Goods chronic abandonment has been growing so rapidly. Even Otoy the diperkirakannya will only make watching, real-in fact transformed into a youth dream in the village so that destabilize the scheme of their skits. Not only destabilize all forms of plans to avoid an arranged marriage with Otoy, changes not anticipated this in fact also have an impact on terujinya rope friendship of the three.

Talking about comedy, defining the most appropriate for Shy Shy Cat is splashy, garish and unbelievably silly – all in a good way. Yes, bomb his laughter and burst a few minutes after the film take off, but step by step and gradually not controlled since Mira and his entourage set foot in the Village Sindang Goods. Joke-the gag flavor ‘wild’ with the most successful target targeted thanks lakonan magic also from the ranks of its players. Among the ensemble cast of his average play is very good as Nirina Zubir, Dharma solihun, download shy shy cat as well as Titi Kamal, two of the actors most responsible for the explosion of boisterous laughter of the audience is Tika Bravani and Acha Septriasa. The accuracy of Tika in delivering a good comic doesn’t need to be questioned again because we never saw the craze in Hijab, but in the Shy Shy Cat, he took it to a level more crazy that will make you sure that she is actress of Indonesia ber-coming timing is the most amazing at this time. Just look at the expression innocently kala said, “wanna take a walk in this beautiful village,” which is one of the best moments in Shy Shy Cat.

While Acha Septriasa, well, it’s a pleasant surprise. Acha instead of the unfamiliar with the genre of comedy melee, it’s just her role as an actress esek-esek incarnation of Sally Marcellina named Jessy Bomb here is the first time Acha appear so effortless in the show. Any appearance to raise the level of excitement for the film, until-until there is a sense of longing ambush when her figure shy away for a moment from the spotlight. So prime performance from the stars, especially when they convey a joke, a bit much to forgive marginalization of some plots. The spirit of ngelaba Shy Shy Cat that’s too high impact to the reduced quotas of storytelling. Chat stubs local wisdom nan tie that will be easy to relate to a lot of the audience such as matchmaking, marriage young, among young people who prefer to follow the wave of urbanization rather than build your own village, until the importance of balancing business with religion and vice versa, which is obvious, intended as materials for catapult social criticism never touched further. If only duo Adhitya Mulya and Monty Tiwa option to set the focus on a specific topic and then develop it, can be so Shy Shy Cat will be as strong as Get Married binding the beginning or When Mating?. Rather unfortunate indeed because this is actually a great potential has been plastered real with have one of two moments quite tickling thoughts, sweet and haru at a certain point.