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A man (Iko Uwais) unknown awakens from a coma with a gunshot wound in his head. After regulating his breath, he saw a woman asleep on the couch, on the side of his bed. He is Ailin (Chelsea Islan), a young doctor who is taking care of the man for two months.

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Nahasnya, due to a gunshot wound in his head, this guy loses his memory and can’t remember anything. He didn’t even know what his name is.

Ailin has been taking care of him with patience it finally gives the name of the man, Ishmael. With the help of Ailin, Ishmael trying to remember her past.

He also tried to find who he is in the past. It turns out that Ishmael did not come from among the ordinary, he is one of the fruits of the mafia’s most notorious, Lee (Sunny Pang).
Because of the past, Ailin dragged into the fight Ishmael who is trying to get out of the loop ‘father from hell’, Lee. He was kidnapped by a horde of blood-thirsty. From here, the story of the liberation Ailin full of twists begins.

This Film is a film that tells about the person who lost the memory because of the injury on the head. Download Film Headshot Where the role played by Iko Uwais. The person without a name and amnesia treated by Ailin until finally his memory could be restored again.

The intern is named Ailin that give a name to the people who manesia Ishmael. Until the lapse of some time the person is able to remember back little by little. However people is even haunted by his own past.

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The past that haunts him is Lee, that is a man in the past who is the boss of narcotics, and boss of a gang that the network has arrived at a institution pradilan and the police.

Until at last on a when Ishmael who was just trying to remember back her past to hear that Alin who got him kidnapped. And Ismail can’t just shut up, Ismail do an action and attempt to save Alin.

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But in the process of rescue he was confronted with a row-ranks of heroes who are good at martial arts. Download film headshot full movie Whiz-whiz is a friend of Ishmael. And this is where Ishmael began to get a description about who he was and began to be able to remember more of his past.

This is a snippet of the film Headshot directed by the Mo Brothers (Timo Tjahjanto and Kimo Stamboel). In addition to Iko Uwais and Chelsea Islan, also there is Julie Estelle, Zack Lee that play a role in the film production Screenplay Infinite Films.

The Film has been shown in a number of international film festivals, including Toronto International Film Festival, and L’Etrange Festival Paris 2016. Not only that, the film will also be aired internationally, including North America and Europe.