dilwale 2015 synopsis

Miss Bollywood film starring the pair actor and actress are phenomenal from India Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol? The presence of the film Dilwale released on the year 2015 seems to be able to treat sense of longing.

Dilwale have the premise of the story is quite interesting. Tells the story about revenge, love, and friendship, the story in the movie Dilwale opened when Raj ( Raj Randhir Bakshi/Kaali – played by Shah Rukh Khan ) is forced to leave his workshop after the Mani ( Mani Bhai – played by Johnny Lever ) download film dilwale caught taking a cell phone belonging to a man. Unfortunately when caught, Mani would ask to be pitied because steal to feed his younger brother. On the other hand, there is a Veer ( Veer Randhir Bakshi – played by Varun Dhawan ) who is forced to give a ride on the beautiful girl It ( It Dev Malik – played by Kriti Sanon ).
The meeting gave the former deep on the Veer, but unfortunately, he could not linger with the feelings of his love, especially after the Raj, the elder brother, ask Veer to work day and night in the car workshop. When the middle of the work day here, Sidhu ( played by Varun Sharma ), a friend of Veer it gives sleeping pills and stole the car stereo. Don’t accept, the Veer was the pursuit of Sidhu, which makes him engage a fight with King ( played by Boman Irani ), who does tease It. See the sister battered, Raj appeared and beat up the fruit King.

Still can’t thank the sister dibuay battered, Raj then search the hiding place of King, and burning down the warehouse download film dilwale sub indo of illegal drugs belonging to the gangster. When this is Raj reveal himself is a former gangster who is the most feared, Kaali.

The story then brought to the past, in Bulgaria, where Raj first meet with Meera ( Meera Dev Malik – played by Kajol ). The proximity of Meera and Raj had apparently arranged by the father of Meera Malik ( Dev Malik – played by Kabir Bedi ) who has a grudge on dad Raj, Bakshi ( Randhir Bakshi – played by Vinod Khanna ) to kill Raj.

Meera pretend to ask Raj to overcome the man-the man who was allegedly harassing him. When this is Meera launch a plan of murder on the Raj.
But when the girl who works as a sketch of the streets it directs the muzzle of the gun to the head of the Raj, Meera precisely cancel the plan. Instead he warns Raj himself will kill Raj when to meet again.
An event next precisely make Raj save the life of Meera. Meera can’t stem the feeling again then admit himself fell in love with Raj. They both intend to face the parents of each to get the blessing of a relationship. Unfortunately, before the plan is implemented, Raj just stuck in a situation where he seems to kill Malik. Meera who saw the incident then lose confidence entirely on the Raj, and decided to start a new life in India.