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Sinopsis lengkap film the Black Lake:
After successfully removing the film “Oo Nina Bobo”, “Mall Klender”, and “the House of the Octopus” in 2014, the film director Jose Purnomo famous with the horror movie the best-selling in Indonesia, “american crime” (2001) spawned his latest work before the end of this year. Still the same horror genre, the film version of the Black Lake starring Denny Sumargo, as well as Princess of Indonesia 2005, Nadine Chandrawinata and miss Indonesia 2011 Maria Selena. download film danau hitam (Also read: Sinopsis Film Supernova (2014), Novel Raised to the Screen Width)

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sinopsis lengkap danau hitam

Film Black Lake this story is about terror vengeful spirit. The story goes, one night in 1939, some people do the murder of a little girl in a forest not far from the slopes of the mountain. They enter the little girl is considered bad luck it into the crate, lock it, and then throw it into the lake. After had heard the cries and screams are hard, they leave it. (Also read: a Complete Synopsis of The Movie The Pyramid, Mystery of the Pyramid Buried in the Desert Sand)

Since the events of the assassination occurred, many people are missing mysteriously in the forest area of the lake. Until one day in the present, a group of young people away from home and travels to the Black Lake. They are Andrean, Keyla, Boy, Audi, and Joni, who are equally fond of adventure and nature. After facing a few obstacles in the journey, finally they arrived at the location of the lake which surrounded by tropical forest. (Also read: Complete Synopsis Film maleficent (2014), Starring Adipati Dolken)

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Andrean and her friends set up a tent on the edge of the lake for the night. When the afternoon, while swimming in the lake, one of them found an old chest. They tried to open the coffin that old. However, download danau hitam because it was night and shrouded in fog that thick, they finally decided to let the first crate. The next day they go mountain biking to see the area and find an empty house.

Although the house was fenced off with a police line and one of his friends asked to go, but they instead decided to stay in there. Without them knowing, a shadowy figure has come to that old house. In the evening, they were plagued by spirits which it turns out is the ghost curious of the little girl in the past. Feel their safety is threatened, they are finally trying to escape leave the house.

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However, the vengeful spirit that continues to follow Andrean and her friends, even when they must pass through the cliffs and swim in the lake to get back to the tent. They began to suspect and feel the old chest they found is the source of the problem. After successfully open it, finally the mystery was revealed. Then, what do they do? Film the Black Lake You can see in a movie theater throughout Indonesia from December 4, 2014.