Review Shy Shy Cat Movie

If you come from a small town, or even the corners of the village, the taste-it never is in phase terrorized two things. First, the difficulties encountered the work according to interest and talent with adequate salary so that the shadow about to leave the hometown and then to try find the fortune of living in the metropolitan continuous poking. And second, hunted into marriage with the ‘threat’ will be matched if not find a potential life companion kala walked a certain age. Through the collaboration of all three with Adhitya Mulya after Test Pack: You Are My Baby, and Saturday With Mr, Monty Tiwa try to summarize (plus laughing) anxiety-anxiety is to form a spectacle of comedy, romance full of social criticism which enlivened the ranks of the stars of the famous video Shy Shy Cat. In relation as sentilan sentilun, the film does tend to stammer to meet all its potential. But in tatarannya as a dish that is reserved for seekers of drug release and relaxation, Shy Shy Cat counted is one of the most successful this year.

The conflict in the Shy Shy Cat originated from a phone call received Mira (Nirina Zubir) when he was celebrating the day of the so to-30. His parents bill promises that he swore a few years ago about returning home at the age of 30 if a mate is not docked to the Mira. Know will be paired with Otoy (Fedi Nuril), a childhood friend who as far as memory Mira can drift is the figure of the annoying, he was designing a scenario of discomfiture effort taaruf with her two best friends, Jessy (Acha Septriasa) and Umi (Tika Bravani). download film shy shy cat Carry prejudices bad over the his hometown, how surprised Mira when to find the Village Sindang Goods chronic abandonment has been growing so rapidly. Even Otoy the diperkirakannya will only make watching, real-in fact transformed into a youth dream in the village so that destabilize the scheme of their skits. Not only destabilize all forms of plans to avoid an arranged marriage with Otoy, changes not anticipated this in fact also have an impact on terujinya rope friendship of the three.

Talking about comedy, defining the most appropriate for Shy Shy Cat is splashy, garish and unbelievably silly – all in a good way. Yes, bomb his laughter and burst a few minutes after the film take off, but step by step and gradually not controlled since Mira and his entourage set foot in the Village Sindang Goods. Joke-the gag flavor ‘wild’ with the most successful target targeted thanks lakonan magic also from the ranks of its players. Among the ensemble cast of his average play is very good as Nirina Zubir, Dharma solihun, download shy shy cat as well as Titi Kamal, two of the actors most responsible for the explosion of boisterous laughter of the audience is Tika Bravani and Acha Septriasa. The accuracy of Tika in delivering a good comic doesn’t need to be questioned again because we never saw the craze in Hijab, but in the Shy Shy Cat, he took it to a level more crazy that will make you sure that she is actress of Indonesia ber-coming timing is the most amazing at this time. Just look at the expression innocently kala said, “wanna take a walk in this beautiful village,” which is one of the best moments in Shy Shy Cat.

While Acha Septriasa, well, it’s a pleasant surprise. Acha instead of the unfamiliar with the genre of comedy melee, it’s just her role as an actress esek-esek incarnation of Sally Marcellina named Jessy Bomb here is the first time Acha appear so effortless in the show. Any appearance to raise the level of excitement for the film, until-until there is a sense of longing ambush when her figure shy away for a moment from the spotlight. So prime performance from the stars, especially when they convey a joke, a bit much to forgive marginalization of some plots. The spirit of ngelaba Shy Shy Cat that’s too high impact to the reduced quotas of storytelling. Chat stubs local wisdom nan tie that will be easy to relate to a lot of the audience such as matchmaking, marriage young, among young people who prefer to follow the wave of urbanization rather than build your own village, until the importance of balancing business with religion and vice versa, which is obvious, intended as materials for catapult social criticism never touched further. If only duo Adhitya Mulya and Monty Tiwa option to set the focus on a specific topic and then develop it, can be so Shy Shy Cat will be as strong as Get Married binding the beginning or When Mating?. Rather unfortunate indeed because this is actually a great potential has been plastered real with have one of two moments quite tickling thoughts, sweet and haru at a certain point.

Headshot Action Movies

A man (Iko Uwais) unknown awakens from a coma with a gunshot wound in his head. After regulating his breath, he saw a woman asleep on the couch, on the side of his bed. He is Ailin (Chelsea Islan), a young doctor who is taking care of the man for two months.

poster headshot muterfilm

Nahasnya, due to a gunshot wound in his head, this guy loses his memory and can’t remember anything. He didn’t even know what his name is.

Ailin has been taking care of him with patience it finally gives the name of the man, Ishmael. With the help of Ailin, Ishmael trying to remember her past.

He also tried to find who he is in the past. It turns out that Ishmael did not come from among the ordinary, he is one of the fruits of the mafia’s most notorious, Lee (Sunny Pang).
Because of the past, Ailin dragged into the fight Ishmael who is trying to get out of the loop ‘father from hell’, Lee. He was kidnapped by a horde of blood-thirsty. From here, the story of the liberation Ailin full of twists begins.

This Film is a film that tells about the person who lost the memory because of the injury on the head. Download Film Headshot Where the role played by Iko Uwais. The person without a name and amnesia treated by Ailin until finally his memory could be restored again.

The intern is named Ailin that give a name to the people who manesia Ishmael. Until the lapse of some time the person is able to remember back little by little. However people is even haunted by his own past.

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The past that haunts him is Lee, that is a man in the past who is the boss of narcotics, and boss of a gang that the network has arrived at a institution pradilan and the police.

Until at last on a when Ishmael who was just trying to remember back her past to hear that Alin who got him kidnapped. And Ismail can’t just shut up, Ismail do an action and attempt to save Alin.

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But in the process of rescue he was confronted with a row-ranks of heroes who are good at martial arts. Download film headshot full movie Whiz-whiz is a friend of Ishmael. And this is where Ishmael began to get a description about who he was and began to be able to remember more of his past.

This is a snippet of the film Headshot directed by the Mo Brothers (Timo Tjahjanto and Kimo Stamboel). In addition to Iko Uwais and Chelsea Islan, also there is Julie Estelle, Zack Lee that play a role in the film production Screenplay Infinite Films.

The Film has been shown in a number of international film festivals, including Toronto International Film Festival, and L’Etrange Festival Paris 2016. Not only that, the film will also be aired internationally, including North America and Europe.

ILY From 38000 Ft Synopsis

ILY From 38.000 FT (I Love You From 38000 feet) the latest film Michelle Ziudith, with the direction of the director Asep Kusdinar. This time, Michelle pairs with Rizky Nazar, Derby Romero, Tanta Ginting, Ricky cuaca, Verrel Bramasta

Film production Screenplay of this Film, is a romantic drama film adapted from the novel of the same name by Tisa TS.

Poster film ILY From 38000 Feet

ILY From 38.000 FT (I Love You From 38000 feet) tells the story of a girl named Aletta (Michelle Ziudith) 18 years old, a good-humoured girl status single, and adventurous. flying to Bali for a vacation,  download film ily from 38000 Ft the same time met with Arga (Rizky Nazar) 20 years.

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Arga is a student at once the creator of the program with the flag Geography Channel. In a plane, above an altitude of 38.000 feet, Arga sat down next to Aletta.

Since the meeting was the relationship of Arga and Aletta is getting closer with a lot of events that are funny between them.

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A when Arga asked to Aletta how long you will vacation to Bali, Aletta was silent for a moment. But then Aletta replied, actually I go to Bali not for the holidays but I ran away from home.

Arga replied calmly, why did you run away? Aletta begins to cry and tells the story. “From childhood I was raised by my parents, grow from the milk my mother but when I’m big, they don’t love the most important things in my life, namely, the right to choose and decide what is best for my life. But what is my age now I can’t take my own decision?”

Their relationship is getting closer since then and slowly Arga ask Aletta to return to his home. And Arga promise will catch up soon to Jakarta. But until now promised Arga never present. download film i love you from 38000 feet Day by day Aletta always waiting for the presence of Arga but it never came.

Aletta admitted he actually ran away from home because of problems with his family. Aletta who was never given the opportunity to choose his own way of life feel comfortable with Arga mature and independent. Arga ask Aletta to return to his home and reconcile with his family. And Arga promise will catch up soon to Jakarta. But until now promised Arga never present. Day by day Aletta always waiting for the presence of Arga but it never came.

Where Arga is actually? Why did he not fulfill his promise? Whether Arga lied to Aletta so Aletta want to go back to his house? Or are there other people in life Arga?

Danau hitam review

Sinopsis lengkap film the Black Lake:
After successfully removing the film “Oo Nina Bobo”, “Mall Klender”, and “the House of the Octopus” in 2014, the film director Jose Purnomo famous with the horror movie the best-selling in Indonesia, “american crime” (2001) spawned his latest work before the end of this year. Still the same horror genre, the film version of the Black Lake starring Denny Sumargo, as well as Princess of Indonesia 2005, Nadine Chandrawinata and miss Indonesia 2011 Maria Selena. download film danau hitam (Also read: Sinopsis Film Supernova (2014), Novel Raised to the Screen Width)

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sinopsis lengkap danau hitam

Film Black Lake this story is about terror vengeful spirit. The story goes, one night in 1939, some people do the murder of a little girl in a forest not far from the slopes of the mountain. They enter the little girl is considered bad luck it into the crate, lock it, and then throw it into the lake. After had heard the cries and screams are hard, they leave it. (Also read: a Complete Synopsis of The Movie The Pyramid, Mystery of the Pyramid Buried in the Desert Sand)

Since the events of the assassination occurred, many people are missing mysteriously in the forest area of the lake. Until one day in the present, a group of young people away from home and travels to the Black Lake. They are Andrean, Keyla, Boy, Audi, and Joni, who are equally fond of adventure and nature. After facing a few obstacles in the journey, finally they arrived at the location of the lake which surrounded by tropical forest. (Also read: Complete Synopsis Film maleficent (2014), Starring Adipati Dolken)

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Andrean and her friends set up a tent on the edge of the lake for the night. When the afternoon, while swimming in the lake, one of them found an old chest. They tried to open the coffin that old. However, download danau hitam because it was night and shrouded in fog that thick, they finally decided to let the first crate. The next day they go mountain biking to see the area and find an empty house.

Although the house was fenced off with a police line and one of his friends asked to go, but they instead decided to stay in there. Without them knowing, a shadowy figure has come to that old house. In the evening, they were plagued by spirits which it turns out is the ghost curious of the little girl in the past. Feel their safety is threatened, they are finally trying to escape leave the house.

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However, the vengeful spirit that continues to follow Andrean and her friends, even when they must pass through the cliffs and swim in the lake to get back to the tent. They began to suspect and feel the old chest they found is the source of the problem. After successfully open it, finally the mystery was revealed. Then, what do they do? Film the Black Lake You can see in a movie theater throughout Indonesia from December 4, 2014.

dilwale 2015 synopsis

Miss Bollywood film starring the pair actor and actress are phenomenal from India Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol? The presence of the film Dilwale released on the year 2015 seems to be able to treat sense of longing.

Dilwale have the premise of the story is quite interesting. Tells the story about revenge, love, and friendship, the story in the movie Dilwale opened when Raj ( Raj Randhir Bakshi/Kaali – played by Shah Rukh Khan ) is forced to leave his workshop after the Mani ( Mani Bhai – played by Johnny Lever ) download film dilwale caught taking a cell phone belonging to a man. Unfortunately when caught, Mani would ask to be pitied because steal to feed his younger brother. On the other hand, there is a Veer ( Veer Randhir Bakshi – played by Varun Dhawan ) who is forced to give a ride on the beautiful girl It ( It Dev Malik – played by Kriti Sanon ).
The meeting gave the former deep on the Veer, but unfortunately, he could not linger with the feelings of his love, especially after the Raj, the elder brother, ask Veer to work day and night in the car workshop. When the middle of the work day here, Sidhu ( played by Varun Sharma ), a friend of Veer it gives sleeping pills and stole the car stereo. Don’t accept, the Veer was the pursuit of Sidhu, which makes him engage a fight with King ( played by Boman Irani ), who does tease It. See the sister battered, Raj appeared and beat up the fruit King.

Still can’t thank the sister dibuay battered, Raj then search the hiding place of King, and burning down the warehouse download film dilwale sub indo of illegal drugs belonging to the gangster. When this is Raj reveal himself is a former gangster who is the most feared, Kaali.

The story then brought to the past, in Bulgaria, where Raj first meet with Meera ( Meera Dev Malik – played by Kajol ). The proximity of Meera and Raj had apparently arranged by the father of Meera Malik ( Dev Malik – played by Kabir Bedi ) who has a grudge on dad Raj, Bakshi ( Randhir Bakshi – played by Vinod Khanna ) to kill Raj.

Meera pretend to ask Raj to overcome the man-the man who was allegedly harassing him. When this is Meera launch a plan of murder on the Raj.
But when the girl who works as a sketch of the streets it directs the muzzle of the gun to the head of the Raj, Meera precisely cancel the plan. Instead he warns Raj himself will kill Raj when to meet again.
An event next precisely make Raj save the life of Meera. Meera can’t stem the feeling again then admit himself fell in love with Raj. They both intend to face the parents of each to get the blessing of a relationship. Unfortunately, before the plan is implemented, Raj just stuck in a situation where he seems to kill Malik. Meera who saw the incident then lose confidence entirely on the Raj, and decided to start a new life in India.

winter in tokyo synopsis

Ishida Keiko is a sweet girl mulatto Japan-Indonesia, and his daily work is as an employee of a public library in Shinjuku.

Keiko lived in a modest apartment in two levels located in the suburbs of Tokyo and each floor has two apartments facing each other. Keiko own occupy apartments with the number 202 on the second floor. On the second floor there are no other inhabitants in addition to Keiko, it’s been five years the inhabitants of the apartment across the apartment Keiko moved to the City of Paris. Until one day there is a new tenant that occupies the apartment with the number 201, Download film winter in tokyo which is right opposite the apartment Keiko. He is a young man named Nishimura Kazuto. Kazuto is a man of Japanese descent who had long lived in New York, he is also a famous photographer in New York. The reason of his return to Japan to treat the pain of his heart because the woman he loved from a small prefer to marry with a good friend of Kazuto.

Amid the grief experienced by Kazuto, she knew Keiko and feel there is something interesting from Ishida Keiko. He was always photographing and focusing lens of the camera to the direction of Keiko quietly. And the longer Kazuto knew everything feels good when Keiko nearby. He fell in love with the figure of Keiko and able to forget her hurt. But anxiety infiltrate in the liver Kazuto, because Keiko always waiting for his first love named Kitano Akira. Kazuto always got jealous when Keiko always mention the name of Akira, without Kazuto know that Kitano Akira that meant Keiko is sabahatnya while going to school in Tokyo first. Will hurt Kazuto reoccur ….!!??

But the feeling of Keiko’s changed since the incident on Christmas eve, treat Kazuto makes no pang a pleasant feeling. winter in tokyo  sub indo Until eventually Kazuto declares her love to Keiko, but Keiko not answer because he had to go home to Kyoto to gather together his family.

However the ill-fated events that happened, after the escort the departure of the girl he loved, Kazuto got the hell kicked out by an unidentified man. It make Kazuto have to lose some of his memory during in Tokyo. This makes Keiko very sad, and she began to feel how empty life Keiko without the presence of Kazuto. The thing more painful is when Imawoto Yuri – the girl who loved Kazuto comes back into the life of Kazuto. And now the eyes of Kazuto there is only Yuri a. But the feeling of Kazuto can’t lie, as lost ingatanya, he fell in love once again to Keiko. But the relationship Keiko and Kitano Akira getting closer. It makes Kazuto felt frustrated.

How the end of love Keiko and Kazuto..? Will they be happy with with the choice of partner they have chosen …??

Synopsys Tenggelamnya Kapal Van Der Wijck


Tenggelamnya Kapal Van Der Wijck

Since the age of 9 months, Zainuddin had been abandoned Daeng Habibah, mother. Then following his father named Swordsman Sutan. Zainuddin lives with his young men, Mak Base, Roughly 30 years ago, his father had a case with Datuk Mantari More mamaknya, a matter of inheritance. In a quarrel Datuk Mantari killed. Swordsman Sutan then discharged to Cilacap for 15 years. download film Tenggelamnya Kapal Van der Wijck After completion of his probation, he was sent to the city to quell the rebellion against the Dutch. That’s where the Swordsman Sutan met with Daeng Habibah.To search for the family of his father, Zainuddin go to the village Batipuh in the Desert. In the Desert he lived in the house his father’s brother, Made Ep.

As a young man who came from Makassar, he felt foreign in the Desert. Moreover, the response of his brothers so. Similarly, when he can get acquainted with the Biodiversity due to lend his umbrella to the girl. The relationship between Zainuddin and Hayati has unfolded to the rest of the hamlet and Zainuddin still be considered a stranger to the family living and the people in Batipuh.

To maintain the good name of both young people and their families respectively, Zainuddin told to leave Batipuh by mamak Biodiversity. With a heavy heart Zainuddin leave Batipuh towards Padang Panjang. In the middle of the road Hayati to meet him and said that his love only to Zainuddin.

Zainuddin received the news that the Biodiversity will go to Padang Panjang to see a horse race at the invitation of the companions of the Biological named Khadijah. Zainuddin can only be met view of in that place because with people he expelled from the fence stands. Meeting that twinkling that make Biodiversity gets a mockery of Khadijah. Khadijah own sebenamya mean to match Biological with Aziz, brother of Khadija herself. Because they feel enough has a wealth of heritage from his parents after Mak Base died,

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Zainuddin send a cover letter on Biodiversity. Turns out the letter Zainuddin simultaneously with the proposal, Aziz. After being asked to choose, Biodiversity decided to choose Aziz as her future husband. Zainuddin then sick for two months because of the Biological refuse. For help and advice Muluk, son of his landlady, Zainuddin can change his mind. With Grandiose, Zainuddin go to Jakarta.

Under the pseudonym “Z”, Zainuddin then managed to become the author of the exceedingly favored his readers. download Tenggelamnya Kapal Van der Wijck  la founded the association tonil “Andalas”, and his life has turned into an honorable person because of his job. Zainuddin continue its business in Surabaya with established publishing books.

Because employment Aziz moved to Surabaya, Biodiversity was to follow her husband. One time, Biodiversity gets an invitation from the association of play that is led and directed by Mr. Shabir or “Z”. Because solicitation Biodiversity Aziz is willing to watch the show. At the end of the new shows they know that Mr. Shabir or “Z” is Zainuddin.

Their relationship remains good, also the relationship Zainuddin Aziz. Further developments Aziz was fired from his place of work because of the debt piled up and have to leave the house rent because it is already three months did not pay, even goods were confiscated to pay off the debt. For Aziz in Surabaya, he has demonstrated its properties are not good. la is often a night out with a bitch, gambling, drunkenness, and no longer put love on Biodiversity. As a result, after they were married again. They are forced to ride in the house Zainuddin.

After a month of living in the same house, Aziz went to Banyuwangi, leaving his wife with Zainuddin. After the death of Aziz, Zainuddin himself was rarely home, except to sleep. A Grandiose tell on Biodiversity that Zainuddin still love him. In-room work Zainuddin there is a picture of Biodiversity as evidence that Zainuddin still love him.

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A few days later obtained news that Aziz has been divorced Biodiversity. Aziz requested that the Biodiversity of life along Zainuddin. And then came the news from a newspaper that Aziz had committed suicide taking sleeping pills in a hotel in Banyuwangi.

Biological ask for the willingness Zainuddin to accept it as anything, as long as he can together together with Zainuddin. The request was not well received by Zainuddin, he even was very angry and offended because his proposal first had denied the Biodiversity, and now the Biological want to be his wife. la can’t receive periakuan Biodiversity.

With the ship Van Der Wijck, Biodiversity home over the cost of Zainuddin. However Zainuddin then think again that he sebenamya can’t live a happy life without Biodiversity. Therefore, after the departure of Biodiversity he intends following the Biodiversity to be his wife. Zainuddin then following up the night train to Jakarta.

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Hope Zainuddin afterward was achieved. Kapal Van Der Wijck boarded Biodiversity drowned in the waters near Tuban. Biodiversity cannot be saved. Because of the wounds on the head and on his feet eventually he died. His body was buried in Surabaya.

After the death of Biodiversity, the life of Zainuddin become desolate and his health is not maintained. Lastly, the author of the famous dies. He was buried on the side of the tomb of Biodiversity.

Review Fifty Shadesc of grey

If you read the novel Fifty Shades of Gray? Perhaps its unforgettable shadow high membuar very hot with a very clear distinction. Erotic novel 2011 English essayist E. L. James. The novel unfolds mostly in its place in Seattle and is the first film in the trilogy Fifty shadows talk about the romantic relationship between an employee and a part-time student Anastasia Steele calls for a young workers articulation.

Sinopsis Film Terlengkap Dan Ter Baik Sepanjang Sejarah IndonesiaMillions of readers fifty shades of gray admire the narrator in the novel. Play emotionally intelligent readers. On the site Buy Sell famous books, as the new Amazon is five-star close to 3,500 customers and Download Film Fifty Shades Of Grey more than 2,500 people give a star for his novel. Readers I really like the way James has been drawn relationships and bossy Cristiano and Ana gets complicated. They also liked how the relationship between the two main characters of the trilogy of evolution.
Okay, let’s go to the story of the film fifty shades of gray.

Fifty shades of gray says Anastasia Steele “Ana,” a 22-year-old literature student living with her best friend, Katherine Kavanagh. Katherine worked as a writer, journalist, her school. Because of illness, Katherine Ana convincing alternative story of young successful entrepreneurs and the rich Christian Gray 27 names. Ana Gray immediately interested and obsessed with her attractive reputation. However, the nature of bullying makes Ana Gris forget everything and try to console herself with the idea that the two of them never see. Suddenly, one day he met Ana Gray and appeared in the store where he worked. Ana-back’s desire, especially if there is no suspicion Gray provides a phone number and invited her to have coffee together.

Her relationship continued berduapun, from beginning to kiss in the elevator, until Anna realized little by little that she was trapped in a powerful Christian Gray seduction erotic, sensual, tender, detailed, very dominant, as well as pain. Within three weeks of Ana’s libido, sexual desire, excitement and sexual experiences with another bout, and the first people to believe Ana tug at her virginity. Ana said, agree and enjoy all the games and divert the sexual passion, which is introduced little by little and the Christians spectacular. Stunned by beauty, tenderness and care, Ana slowly found porn in her hand, which could compensate any Christian to treat them as strangers. Ana even dare to look at some “sex” stuff in her room Christianity, which she called “Red Hall of Pain”. Flogger Roi, necklaces and many other programs of sexual games Ana Cristiano, without fearing little in the head. Even Christianity has always reminded Ana to go and even flee if she feels uncomfortable or scared.

But Ana liked it, even the Christians difficult to prove it. “There is no limit between love and Lozano” – Ana does not even know what it feels like. Generally there will be a Christian charity – Man with Fifity tones, Download Film Fifty Shades Of Grey sub indo only love and sleep, but full of pain, pleasure, reward and punishment? Ana can even accept such punishments are sticks or beaten if she did little things that are not approved Christian. In fact, it remains the most serious question that has ever been proven in Ana.
It usted lee the novela Cincuenta Sombras de Grey? Tal vez of sombra inolvidable high membuar novela muy muy caliente with a distinción Clara. novela Erótica 2011 ensayista Ingles E. L. James. The novela if desarrolla sobre todo en su lugar en Seattle y es la primera de film trilogy The Cincuenta sombras hablar de la relación entre romántica a empleado y Estudiante a un tiempo parcial Anastasia Steele blade para una articulación Jóvenes Trabajadores.
Millones de Lectores Cincuenta tonos de gris admiran narrador el en la novela. Jugar Lectores emocionalmente inteligentes. Comprar Vender libros en el sitio famosos, como es el nuevo Amazon de cinco estrellas cerca de 3.500 clientes y Más de 2.500 characters dan una estrella por su novela. Los Lectores me gusta mucho la que ha sido en form James elaborado y Relaciones mandona Cristiano Ana y se vuelve complicado. También les gustaba Como la relación entre los dos personajes principales de The trilogy de la Evolución.
Está bien, vamos a ir a la historia de la película Cincuenta tonos de gris.

Cincuenta Sombras de gris nuts Anastasia Steele “Ana”, de 22 años de edad, Estudiante de literatura que vive mejor amiga with on, Katherine Kavanagh. Katherine trabajo como escritor, periodista on escuela. Because de la enfermedad, Katherine Ana convincing alternative historia de Jóvenes Empresarios y los ricos exitosos Christian Grey 27 nombres. Ana Gris inmediately interesado y obsesionado with on reputación atractiva. Sin embargo, la naturaleza de la intimidación hace que Ana Gris olvidarse de todo y tratar de consolarse with the idea de que los dos de ellos nunca Ven. De repente, un día conoció a gray Ana apareció en la tienda en la que trabajaba. El Deseo de Ana-espalda, especialmente si no hay sospecha de número de teléfono a gray proporciona y tomar Call Juntos a café.

On relación Continuous berduapun, de Principle a besar en el ascensor, hasta que cuenta Ana if God Poco a Poco que estaba en atrapado a powerful seducción Erótica Christian Grey, sensual, Tierno, detallista, muy dominant, así como el dolor. Dentro de tres semanas de Ana in libido, sexual El Deseo, the excitación y experiencias sexuales with otra pelea, y las personas que creen primeras Ana Tiron in on virginidad. Ana dijo, está de acuerdo y disfrutar de Todos los juegos y desvían Sexual Pasión, que se introduce Poco A Poco y espectaculares Los Cristianos.

Aturdido por la belleza, ternura y cuidado, Slowly Ana Encontro en porn on hand, lo que cualquier Cristiano podría compensar a tratarlos como extraño. Ana siquiera if atreven a mirar algunas cosas “sexo” en su habitación el cristianismo, to que Llamo “Salón Rojo del Dolor”. Flogger Roi, Collares y muchos otros programas de juegos sexuales Ana Christian, sin a little afraid in the Head. Included cristianismo el siempre has recordado Ana ir and included huir YES if Siente incómodo or asustado. Pero Ana The gustaba, including de los cristianos Dificiles probarlo. “No hay un límite entre el amor y Lozano” – Ana siquiera saben ni lo que se siente. Generally Habra A Caridad Christian – El hombre with tonos fifity, sólo el amor y dormir, pero lleno de dolor, el placer, La Recompensa y el punishment ?. Ana puede included aceptar dichas sanciones son palos or golpeados si lo hacia pequeñas cosas que no están Christian aprobados. De hecho, sigue siendo la más que nunca Cuestión if serious has probado en Ana.

Synopsis Pasukan Garuda: I leave My Heart in Lebanon

Garuda troops: I Leave My Heart In Lebanon is a latest movies 2016 Indonesia origin genre Drama-Action. The film will be directed by Benni Setiawan also served as a screenwriter in the film.

The movie I Leave My Heart In Lebanon it will be starring Rio Dewanto, Yama Carlos, Boris Bokir, Revalina S Temat, Baim Wong, Deddy Mizwar and Tri Yudiman. Semetara production house TB Silalahi Pictures will overshadow this movie and the planned broadcast on December 15, 2016 (Indonesia).
A Synopsis Of The Film Garuda Troops: I Leave My Heart In Lebanon (2016)
Film Garuda Troops: I Leave My Heart In Lebanon it will tell you about the TNI (Indonesia national army) who got the task of keeping peace abroad precisely the State of Lebanon.

Reportedly this film will focus to the captain of the Knights (Rio Ne) along Serka Gulamo (Boris Bokir) and First Arga (Yama Carlos). download pasukan garuda i leave my heart in lebanon At the time of being in Lebanon, the captain of the Knights along with his troops. They run routine tasks to keep the peace, but they also have to deal with situations such as the following should be thrilling break up the dispute between the army of Israel by the Lebanese army.

In its mission in Lebanon, the Garuda Contingent was assigned not only mengaman kan conflict country. But also provides social assistance to local citizens. While visiting schools to give information and health checks, the captain of the Knights met with Rania (Jowy Khoury), a primary school teacher (elementary school).

While in Indonesia, Diah (Revalina s. Temat) began to vacillate due to emergence of Andri (Baim Wong), a young graduate of the United Kingdom which have been in susek property.

Andri put hearts on Helen, and had the support of her mother (played by Tri Yudiman) which continued to affect Diah, that want to receive love Karina. While father Diah (Dedy Mizwar) asks Helen to remain faithful await the Knights Captain finished on duty.

The end of the task, as a soldier of the INDONESIAN captain of the Knights while maintaining the honour of the TNI by not download pasukan garuda lebanon marrying Runia and settled in Lebanon, unless he resigned as TNI soldiers. Rania did not want to leave his homeland of Lebanon.However, when returned to Indonesia, the captain of the Knights were struck with Diah who are currently carrying out wedding reception with Andri.

How does the story end? Who will be the captain of the Knights, fixed Diah or back again on Rania They even managed to liberate Spain from army troops hostage Hezbollah. During a mission in Lebanon, the soldier who was dubbed the “forces of Garuda” task also provides social assistance to local citizens.

At the time of a visit to the school to give information and health checks, the captain of the Knights met with Rania (Jowy Khoury) who is an elementary school teacher. While in Indonesia Diah (Revalina s. Temat) which started close to Andri (Baim Wong), a young graduate of the United Kingdom that has been successful in the field of property.

Will kah Andri will captivate Diah became his partner? and the captain of the Knights will also be mempersunting Rania? See more impressions on December 15, 2016 (Indonesia).

Synopsis Gangster 2015

One day in a village on the Slopes of Mount Merapi, Jamroni (Hamish Daud) tertengun when he was dragged with accusations of theft of cattle to the owner of the cow (Dede Yusuf). Download film gangster indonesia The skipper wear sunglasses with baju lurik-lurik wear a hat, chided him. However he did not hand it over to the police and wanted to teach him a lesson. His hat was placed in a cage and then Jamroni so monthly-monthly the skipper.

Dede Yusuf look impressive as a skipper bruiser in the age above 40 years is able to demonstrate the back kick that sniper: typical taekwondoin. This scene closed with a comical once when the child is the fruit of the skipper report: burglar is actually captured. Then what does the word squire? Lightly she said: “I will not apologize. Just think of what we do as a sport”.

I love seeing the facial expressions of the former Deputy Governor of West Java no sense sorry, impress the arrogant. Facial peeve. But because it can make the upset and feels comical,makes a cameo appearance Dede Yusuf impressive. While Hamish David also kindergarten helpless, can only resigned as a little person. Appearance attractive Dede Yusuf one of the early scenes in Gangster is one among some of my favorite scenes in the film direction Fajar Nugros.

The story is actually a lot of bolongnya, but the excess of this film lies in the pieces of a scene of unusual and “Indonesia banget” even though some of them full of allusions on the social reality now. Story rolling Jamroni that his childhood suffering,often punished his father because it has shameful behavior, have investigators named Cider and then the Cider goes to Jakarta with his family, suddenly called his father who is dying. The father said: she is not his biological parents. Then apart like it was nothing The Father handed over the letters of the Cider to hide. Jamroni have to go to Jakarta looking for her birth parents and Sari.

In her quest Jamroni dealing with a bunch download film gangster full movie of thugs from a mass organization called “levels are really the” Front of the Defenders of Justice Together. Jamroni who since childhood learned martial arts fisticuffs with thugs in uniform. In the after-menegjar he was hanging on the hood of the car retta (Nina Kozok). The problem Retta chased the child the fruit of her father. Retta ran away from an arranged marriage her father Hastomo (Agus Kuncoro), the head of the mafia ties that have business agreements with the Amsar (Dwi Sasono) the head of the organizations most influential in Jakarta. Begin the adventure Jamroni and Nina confront the magnate’s father, a magnate of the Amsar, even a cold-blooded killer Sueb (Ganindra Bimo).

All of his opponents down. Nina then brings Jamroni to her family and met her mother Astuti (Dominique Sanda) who is sickly and say Jamroni as his girlfriend. Hastomo softened, receive Jamroni. The problem Amsar is not received and deployed his men stormed. This time he brought jago another, Bang Tall (Yayan Ruhian). In addition to have to duel with a Bang Tall, Jamroni get a surprise the other is not they won’t. Indeed the story is indeed a lot of bolongnya. Such scuffles are so fierce didn’t invite any police obviously flagrant and disturbing the public. Even so the figure Hastomo bandits social help the little people in East Java, which give it a banana and chicken as a sign of thank you very interesting and real Indonesia. Of course also the figure of the organizations leadership Amsar. Figure Amsar who are afraid of blood are also interesting and comical.

When he was about to punish his subordinates with sadistic finally done by Hanna (Kelly Tandiono), his right hand. The scene in the Gangster (photo credit favorite Scenes is when Hanna was about to go to his ex-girlfriend in a barn, he came face to face with her boyfriend Bang Tall. The appearance of Dian Sastrowardoyo as the cameo is as interesting as Dede Yusuf. Before the fistfight, he was off his shoes and put it on the table : expensive know! Then Hanna doing the same thing. The Absurd once. Bang Tall disperse their fights and both dipiting his neck. “There is a job for a Brother,” said Hanna. “I can buy shoes?” said Bang Tall. Then his girlfriend softened: you didn’t mention that earlier!” Tuck the humor and comical makes the Gangsters be not sebrutal “The Raid”. Cameo the other that appears at the end of the story portrayed interesting Lukman Sardi is the scene of the ultimate interesting.

Overall though the logic of the story is often not intact, the figures appear indeed Indonesia all: teacher of the koran, businessmen local the must be tempered thugs in order to be successful, members of the organizations that the brutal, to the leadership of the Mafia in Jakarta are wearing a suit with the emblem of Garuda (indicating he officials).